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About Varied / Hobbyist Christian Venelinov Tsvetanov24/Male/Bulgaria Group :iconfantasy-books: Fantasy-books
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Primrose Everdeen by ChristianTsvetanov Primrose Everdeen :iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 14 0 The Winds of Winter by ChristianTsvetanov The Winds of Winter :iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 29 14
Velko and the witches
At long last Velko got to the first barbican of Moroygrad, the witches’ fortress. Yes, fortress they called it, yet it was a whole city, a city whose size nobody knew, apparently. It could spread across tens of kilometers, even hundreds, for that matter. No one had gone in and back out to tell. Fortress, a fortified city, a fortified country--it was a complete mystery.
Velko stared dully at the gate.  
"Why wouldn’t those retards just go along the walls on the outside and see how far they reach? " he told his dog. "Is it that difficult? I know these are of some primeval civilization, and a ton of stuff’s unknown to them, but still."
The dog did not answer.
"Are you listening to me?" Velko looked down toward his fat, one-eyed dachshund.
The animal was gnawing at its crotch intently. It disregarded him for a moment, then raised its eyes up slothfully--one honey-colored, the other pink--to state, "I’m busy," and resumed its gnawing. The rear’s tiny, blac
:iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 5 4
Poison is Queen - Augustus and Livia by ChristianTsvetanov Poison is Queen - Augustus and Livia :iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 50 23
The Tower, The Pyre, The Law
Brick upon brick lays.
Chasing the sky.
Choking the sun rays.
Darkens my eye.
                           The Tower of Mortal Arrogance
Machines climb high,
Help the bricks lay.
Ambition glues them tight,
Such concrete grossly grey.
                           The death of godly paradise
We hold our hands,
Smite the tower low.
Before it vilely ends
Our Father’s sacred law.
                           A Pyre of fiery innocence
             But then the pyre of fire
                    Engulfs all.
:iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 3 0
I swap identities
with a God.
I rise high up
from the mob.
I see the ants.
And I crush.
I stir the clouds.
But then I hush.
They come to get me.
All them ants.
They build a tower,
climb my pants.
My flesh is torn,
my soul as well.
Into a sea of human corn
I find my golden hell.
I shall return.
Then fall again.
All men I’ll burn,
then die by men.
:iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 6 0
Cersei Whirled and Ran by ChristianTsvetanov Cersei Whirled and Ran :iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 41 4
I too have a dream
We retrieved the following excerpt from the remains of the Armada 10, our first manned expedition to Mars, conducted by Dr. Fitzgerald Surdinni, Praetor of the Independent Astronauts of REDNASA, the objective of the expedition being the foundation of the first human colony on the planet.
The source of the information seems to be an intelligent life form residing on the red planet itself. The format of the retrieved excerpt can be interpreted in both audio and written variation, the written variation being the least lessened in quality by radiation. Here is the unrefined excerpt itself:
"And I decided to use the earthling tongue in order to put this down in my journal, for this tongue interests me. And I want to point out right away that the use of a tongue such as this one makes the thoughts come rolling out of the brain in an almost comically slow manner. And so I wonder at these earthlings. And I laugh at them, for as I use my body to produce these soun
:iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 5 9
Green Pipe and a Flag
Up Up Up I go.
Shut up, no time to waste.
Up Up Up I fly.
Zip up, I’m close to space.
Down Down I see you there
You’re all blind, dumb and bare.
Down Down low you wet and weep.
Chill, you’re the one still fast asleep.
Close, you clouds, hide the fool.
Let him forget as I dive a starry pool.
Let him freaking cry.
No time to care, I see the shrine.
Huge green pipe and a flag flies up.
I leave.
:iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 3 5
The Scales of Yahweh
Lori just loved the alarm sound that clawed through her dreamy idyll in the early hours of the morning. Several times it had made her startle-choke on her saliva to the point where her mom would light up the death candles. She had set the device to use the most abominable tone it could possibly offer. The ring resembled the buzzing rage of a bee swarm, coupled with the rumble of a driller, and the screeching song of old chalk mercilessly dragged across a blackboard. Come to think of it, the manufacturers could’ve crafted an alarm sound far more brutal than that. Say, a scream of fright to chill a man to the bone, or the roaring blast of an explosion. Now that would be a daily start-off torturing enough for the likes of every soul.
    A pity this idea overstepped the doctrines of the Yellow Bogomils. They had condemned such notions as sinful after several cases of elderly people getting deceased, driven to the point of heart attack by their alarm clocks.
:iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 2 9
In the Forum of Constantinople 641AD by ChristianTsvetanov In the Forum of Constantinople 641AD :iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 27 3 The Divine Comedy - Dante, Virgil and the Gorgons by ChristianTsvetanov The Divine Comedy - Dante, Virgil and the Gorgons :iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 17 9 Voldemort Easter Egg by ChristianTsvetanov Voldemort Easter Egg :iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 1 0 Cersei Lannister Easter Egg by ChristianTsvetanov Cersei Lannister Easter Egg :iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 3 0 Kristian The First of His Name, King of the Andals by ChristianTsvetanov Kristian The First of His Name, King of the Andals :iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 4 0 A thought of sunshine by ChristianTsvetanov A thought of sunshine :iconchristiantsvetanov:ChristianTsvetanov 10 3


Meet the queen by Dofresh Meet the queen :icondofresh:Dofresh 3,641 184 Lioness of the Rock by kathrynlillie Lioness of the Rock :iconkathrynlillie:kathrynlillie 53 4 Ice and Fire - The Lioness by yakuzafish Ice and Fire - The Lioness :iconyakuzafish:yakuzafish 90 14 Mars by TamberElla Mars :icontamberella:TamberElla 2,493 64 Ride the Calamity by ryky Ride the Calamity :iconryky:ryky 3,139 56 Imminent Death by lonefirewarrior Imminent Death :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 3,927 457 EPIPHANY_III by Wen-JR EPIPHANY_III :iconwen-jr:Wen-JR 5,757 175 Golden candle dragon by AlviaAlcedo Golden candle dragon :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 1,898 40 Jaina - Icecrown Citadel by Narga-Lifestream Jaina - Icecrown Citadel :iconnarga-lifestream:Narga-Lifestream 2,417 54 Gladiolus ff 15 by sakimichan Gladiolus ff 15 :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 9,761 337 Poliwag by JoshuaDunlop Poliwag :iconjoshuadunlop:JoshuaDunlop 2,484 204 Gadreel, Angel of War by PeteMohrbacher Gadreel, Angel of War :iconpetemohrbacher:PeteMohrbacher 9,025 191 Sandalphon, Angel of New Life by PeteMohrbacher Sandalphon, Angel of New Life :iconpetemohrbacher:PeteMohrbacher 2,786 44 Shateiel, Angel of Silence by PeteMohrbacher Shateiel, Angel of Silence :iconpetemohrbacher:PeteMohrbacher 5,061 83 Wyvern by Alejandro-Mirabal Wyvern :iconalejandro-mirabal:Alejandro-Mirabal 1,208 35 Yeti by Alejandro-Mirabal Yeti :iconalejandro-mirabal:Alejandro-Mirabal 1,573 78


Primrose Everdeen
And this is my contribution to Suzanne Collins and her trilogy 'The Hunger Games'. It's safe to say this is one of the best book series I've read with some of the most impactful literary characters I've encountered. Besides Katniss and her sister, to whom this drawing is dedicated, I have a HUGE literary crush on Alma Coin, but then again I always have a crush on the ruthless power-hungry dictators. Alma Coin is a special one though - unlike other villains, whose motives were at least partially evil, she's completely devoid of both positive and negative emotional traits, and acts like a robot-dictator, doing what she does not out of good or evil, but out of pure and honest practical intentions. She's not two-faced, she's not scheming, she's just totally blunt and honest in her words and actions. Although she's human, there's nothing human in her behavior and character. And I'm shutting up before I write a whole freaking essay.

This is pencil+charcoal.


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Christian Venelinov Tsvetanov
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm from Bulgaria. 23 years old, graduate of philology. I'm a huge fantasy, sci-fi and history fan and I am most crazy about John Tolkien's world of Middle Earth, Frank Herbert's amazing universe of Dune and George Lucas'es unforgettable saga Star Wars. Also - George Martin's works and the Roman Republic/Empire. Drawing's just a hobby. I'm also trying to write. Hope you like my deviations.


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